Pretty in pink you see my pink
95 pics

Jenny displays all of her ample assets in this 95 pic photo shoot done in a pretty pink ensemble atop a hot fuzzy pink blanket. Get a good deep long look at her holiest of holy holes. 640x480res

The My Pictures page is organised by price from highest to lowest price.
Jenny Bound and Helpless
60 pics

In tis 60 PIC HIGH RES set (1600x1200res) see me reading my bookon ropes and then see me in progressive steps of being bound. This hot set of pics is a true bondage bonanza. 1600x1200res

Jenny in the X marks the Hot
79 pics

Jenny drops by her friends place to check out their Wooden X Bondage Rack. Once the ankle and wrist buckles are done, Jenny is helpless to stop them from undressing her piece, pulling her tits out and pulling her panties off. These pictures ae the result of that visit. 2048x1536 RES set

Jenny in Jersey Girl Gets Wet
80 pics

Jenny dons her blue bootie shorts and a Jersey style top in order to show us what she looks like it a Wet T-Shirt done with baby oil. See her pose for you while her shirt gets sticky, then see her peel off her top to reveal her huge glistening jugs. 2048x1536 RES set

Jenny in Little Black Dress
82 pics

Jenny all dressed up in her hot little black mini dress, pink accented black stockings and hot pink pumps. See her as she poses with sophistication, imagine her as your fellow office worker all sexed up and rocking a little bit of horny buzz at an office dinner party. 2048x1536 RES set.

Jenny in Bikinis and Dldos
94 pics

Jenny does a hot striptease out of her Boy short bikin briefs and then her tight thon before scooping out her massive 40DD titties to play with. Then she lays down and suck and fucks a few ofher favorite dildos. 640x480 RES set

Jenny's Gothic Tit Turn
69 pics

Jenny gets dressed up in her hot black corset and black fishnet stockings,garters and pumps to bring you this sexy sultry 1800x1200 res gothic photo set.

Jenny's Forest Frolic
59 pics

See Jeny Folic in the Forest in her black and white polka dot dress. Stroke yourself off to 59 Hi 2472x3296 Res shots of her as she poses against trees pulling out her hot 42DDD titties and slipping off her sexy pink panties.

Jenny & Lexxi Soft Seduction
45 pics

Jenny and Lexxi get to know each other in this soft light pic set. Watch as both ladies ease into each other with gentle touches and kisses,Jenny in her pink lingerie and Lexxi in her kilt.. 2048x1536 RES set.

Jenny Gets Served by Lexxi
45 pics

Jenny gets served and serves out a paddling to Lexxi in this hot set. See Lexxi's ass go red and see her dive deep into Jenny's Kitty. 2048x1536 RES set.

Jenny's Evening In Horny Holly
70 pics

Jenny gets down and dirty with Horny Holly as they hang at Holly's Pad. See them lick and suck each other as the chill and party in this 70 pic set 16000x1200 res

Jenny Rockin' the Stars
49 pics

Jenny Starr is Rockin the Stars in this brand new 49 PIC solo strip set. See her in her hot pink and black rockstar get up. Pink Star Earings and black and pink star panties. Black and white Plaid Skirt and Pink Rocker T. All of it topped off with pigtails. And of course See her out of all of it. 1536x2048 RES

Jenny in Dressed Down Diva
46 pics

Jenny gives us a peek at her everyday wardrobe in this 46 pic set, but even though she is dressed down this girl is still all Diva. See her in her green and whie top and white capris stripping down to reveal a matching green bra and panites. See her scoop out her massive 42DDD breasts and slip off her green panties. .2048x1536 res

Jenny's Fifties 50/50
38 pics

Squeeky clean but dirty behind the scences. Jenny dresses in a short blue plaid skirt a barely there white see thru toip with her hair in pig tails and goes all Fifties Retro on two Big Dildos suction cupped to the wall. In this Sex filled Malt shop Jenny' has an appetite for both chocolate and vanilla..1536x20480res

Jenny in Pleasing Pink
45 pics

Hot pink dressed Jenny gets down and dirty pleasing her pink on her fuzzy light pink blanket and leopard print body pillow. See her ride and hump her pillow and then pull out her new bright pink dildo and pleasure her hot box..1536x20480res

Jenny in Gender Blender
50 pics

Glittered Goddess in a blue corset, Jenny slips on a black leather harness and translucent purple dildo and struts her stuff for us in this hot trannie inspired photo set. She all knows you dream of a hot curvy big titted bbw with something extra to play with, and she delivers.1536x20480res

Gender Blender 2 The Dominatrix
48 pics

The black leather harness is back and this time Jenny is 100% bitch. Dresssd head to toe in black Jenny shows why Mistress Jenny must alwys be obeyed Bend over boys it's time to pay up. .1536x20480res

Jenny in Diva Blue
44 pics

All Glittered up and No place to go, Jenny the DIVA makes this empty room dazzle like no room has before. See her as her in her sexy blue sparkly corset and stockings and perky pink sparkly heels. Watch as she flops out her hot 42DDD titties and poses for us with no panties on at all.1536x20480res

Jenny, Anna & Carlos
33 pics

In this hot set you get to see me and Anna Banana take care of her big ebony stud Carlos. I'll let the pictues speak, err, um MOAN for themselves. 640x480res

Mistress Jenny's Flogger
36 pics

This hot set finds Mistress Jenny Starr posing in the sun on her balcony whilst holding her 18 inch black leather flogger. Dressed to thrill in black from head to toe, Mistress Jenny commands your awe and obedience. Shots taken at 1800x1200 res

Jenny Forest Flash
51 pics

Spring has sprung and Jenny is just springing out of her clothes wherever she goes. See her in her zig zaggy hot pink and black tube top and black capris, and see her umm without thme as she stips down in the lush green of the spring woods. 1800x1200 res pic set

Jenny Bound and Gagged
71 pics

Jenny is bound and gagged for you in this progressive pic series in which she is first gagged, then has her wrists bound tightly folowed finally by the binding of her tits. 640x480 res

Jenny on a Windy Roof
57 pics

Jenny takes to the roof in her hot new black and pink mini dress to shoot this hot and sexy set. With just enough wind blowing to give her hair a sexy tussle, see Jenny in hot hot shots. 29 hi res 2046x1536 res shots and 28 more 640x480 res shots.

Jenny the Chocolate Goddess
31 pics

Jenny jumps into a sweet and sticky situation in the photoset, emptying 4 bottles of chocolate syrup all over herself when a fan requests a custom video. See all the sexy sticky results of that much chocolate on a sexy bbw body. 1200x1800 RES

Jenny's Metallic Mini Dress
55 pics

Jenny puts on her new hot Metallic Mini Dress in this 55 shot pic set. See her as she flops her hot heavy 42DDD breasts out of the dress twists her nipples and theb as shie slips off her panites and shows us al her hot cleanly shaed kitty. 1546x2048 RES

Jenny Leashed and Lovin it
49 pics

Jenny puts on her eye popping pink colar and leash and binds her tits with purple pvc tape in this hot bondage themed 49 pic set. See her tightly tied titties constricted and and contoted like muffin tops as the pvc tape forces her 42DDD titis to overflow from their bounds. See her proudly play with her leash. huge 1536x2048 RES Set.


Jenny Bound for Adventure

42 pics

Jenny contnues the fun she was having in Jenny Leashed and Lovin It in this hot shoot. She finds her wrists bound now with the very sme leash that she was so proud of moments before. Her feet are bound in purpe pvc tape and purple bondage rope tightens the constriction of her 42DDD tits. huge 1536x2048 RES Set.42 pics

Jenny in Fancy Feet
24 pics

Jenny shows off her hot Fancy Feet in this hot foot fetish set. See her sexy toe nails and pretty feet on display as she sits topless in her glittery pink dress. 2048x1536 Res


Jenny in Purple Pleaser
36 pics

Jenny shows off in her new see thru purple top and panties. As always Jenny is a pleaser and pleasure. Her huge 42DDD tits look awesome thru the sheer fabric 2048x1536 Res


Jenny in Girlie Gangsta
32 pics

We've all got a little Gangsta in us, and Jenny is no exception. See plump sexpot Jenny rock out Gangsta style her own way. Dressed in a hot pink and white suit jacket with a matching Fedora. Under it all a tight pink bra and booty shorts.2048x1536 Res

Jenny just a Ho Like Monroe
55 pics

55 Hot 2048x1536 Res Pics of Jenny in a Hot Monroe Style Dress taken in a Hotel Setting. See her big 42DDD Titties flopped out for you, pushing the Satin of the dress aside. Se Her clean shavenn kitty smooth as Satin stroked.

Jenny the Scare Ho
46 pics

See Jenny Bound in this Hot Mess Set. Jenny's titties are bound by rope to a red rod. Further down her hands and wrists are bound with shiny black bondage tape at either end of the rod. knock her over and she can't get up. . 46 pic 2048x1536 RES

Jenny "Approach With Caution"
86 pics

Approach this girl with caution guys, somebody has tied up her big 42DDD titties with caution tape. They must be dangerous :) 2048x1536 RES

Jenny's Hi Res Tit Tie Up
12 pics

Super Hi Res pic set of Jenny's 42DDD breasts bound with Purple Bondage Rope. Zoom right in and see the pleasure and pain on her face, see the tighness of her breast flesh bound tight. 1944x2252 RES

Jenny in the Heart Shaped Tub
37 pics

Yummy, Soapy Slippy Hot Wet Busty Beauty.,See me having fun in a heart shaped tub !1600x1200 RES

Jenny Poses on the bed
39 pics

This is a sexy set of poses on a bed. Plain, simple, yet OH so FUCKING HOT!!!! 640x480res

Cock for Jenny's Face
20 pics

20 Hot pics of Jenny with Peter's cock on her face. Playful and intimate this series was taken right after her BEST FACIAL video and she is glowing in the sexy worship of Peter's cock. HUGE 2288x1712 resolution quality pics

Jenny's Hot 2008 xxx-mas
20 pics

Just in time for XXX-MAS Jenny has 20 HI RES (2288-1712res) pics in her cute lil red skirt, red fishnets and X-MAS hat. Of course Jenn is completely topless for you. Get a load of her big cans and zoom them up to FULL 40 DD sixe on your screen

Jenny in Just Like Being There
23 pics

Jenny from a totally different angle, pics of Jenny taken from right beside her as she's doing a show in natural daylight. See her thick thighs, big breasts and hot facial expressions just like being there as she toys amd moans 1712x2288 HI RES set

Jenny's Balcony Boobs
34 pics

Jenny shows off her yummy big tits and hot ass in this 1800x1200 res photo set taken on her balcony. See her squeeze them together as she tit flops them out of her striped mini dress.

Jenny's Trucking Tits
23 pics

Jenny flashes her yummy big tits and hot ass in this 1800x1200 res photo set taken at a local truck stop. See her daring display of public nudity, not knowing when the truckers will come back out and claim their rigs.

Jenny All Oiled Up
33 pics

Jenny gets all oiled up for you in his hot slik shiny set of pics1600x1200res

Everyday Jenny Random Pics
83 pics

Alot of time when I was snapping off pics of myself in my amateur days I did not have time to get in more than 1 or 2 pics of myself. This set is just a nice mostly topless and some nude sampling of me everyday. 640x480res

Jenny XXX-MAS Set
34 pics

Have yourself a Cumdinger of an X-mas with this set boys. See me strip for you infront of my hot lil white tree. 640x480res

Jenny Down at the Beach
23 pics

I dropped by my local beach for a little topless tanning and decided to take this set wihile there. This set is all about sensuality and playfulness. See me posing on some logs and then playing in the water. 640X480res

Jenny and the First Snow
14 pics

In this set of Sel Pics I am all giddy. It has finally snowed, OH BOY. This is a cute teaser set that every guy deserves to enjoy. 640x480res


Jenny's Twizzler Tie Up

17 pics

I know I look all wasted, but I swear I am not. I took these hot pics in the dark. It sure does add a certain sense of HOT MESS, ala Lindsy Lohan, Paris Hilton or Brittny Spears. I am sure you all just want to fantasize that I am UMM in a suggestable state of mind. 640x480res.

Jenny Blows Her Master
28 pics

Hot sweaty blurry spontaneous pics taken on my cellphone. See me take care of my master in this decidedly no pro set of pics. He just dropped by horny and ordered me to suck. OMG my place was such a mess because I was studyiing for exams. 640x480res

Jenny's Boob Bondage Fun
66 pics

In thes 2 playful sets of Self Pics I flop my tits out of a cute yellow top and bra, as well asa cute pink tank top and bra. I use a scarf to bind them in one and in the other I use some yellow rubbr tubing. See me all tight and bound with clothespegs and nipple clamps, just what the beast bondage freak in you asked for 640x480ress

Jenny's Boob Bonanza
30 pics

Boobs boobs boobs, ba ba ba boobs boobs boobs...mmm, 30 good hot shots of just my boobs in various pushed together situations 640x480res