Jenny & Sextina Tastes & Toys

Jenny licks tastes and toys Sextina's pussy for the very first time in this hot 8 min an 44 sec video. Jenny 42DDD and Sextina 40E strip down and kiss and fonlde each other before Jenny goes down on Sextina. - BBW JennyStarr C 2009


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Jenny & Sextina Tit To Tit

Jenny's new gal pal Sextina drops by the pink pad again and this time the action is caught on video. See them play with each others masssive mams, kissing, squeezing, pinching and squishing them together. Jenny 42DDD/Sextina 40E 5 min 57 sec -BBW Jenny Starr C 2009

Jenny, Lexi and Peter

Introducing "Lexi Snow" to FFM threesomes, Jenny delivers her usual pole polishing skills as does Lexi, as they service Peter's hard cock. Check out the big tits on both of these Hotties too. Search "xxxlexi" to see more of this new curvy babe on niteflirt. - BBW Jenny Starr C 2010

Jenny & Lexi Strapon Fucking

Jenny Starr and Lexi "xxxlexi" Snow have a hot fun fucking and sucking time in this Gender Blender of a video. Watch as Jenny shows Lexi what is under her dress and then watch Jenny drill Lexi in the mouth and pussy till she cums.

Jenny & Ambree Down & Dirty

Jenny and Ambree get down in dirty in their first ever video together. Watch as they kiss, lick each others pussies, suck and squeeze their titties. Watch as Jenny rams Ambree with a thick didlo and watch them both explode as they cum while using a doube egg vibrator.

Jenny and Holly Strap on Fun

Jenny and Horny Holly are together for the first itme in this hot girl girl strap on sex video. See Jenny fuck Holly the make her suck off the juices. 8 min and 5 sec

Jenny and Holly Lick and Play

Jenny and Horny Holly are together again for a fun evening of licking and playings. See them kiss, touch and lick each others kities.. 7 min and 43 sec

Jenny, Anna & Carlos (nov-2007)

See this HUGE 3 way between me, Anna Banana and her friend Carlos. We start by peeling off the BIG Ebony Man's boxers revealing his more than adequate sword. We share turns swallowing that ROD until we are both ready to feel Carlos deep inside. We end the video with some more yummy cock sucking and a gooey cum guzzling facial.

Jenny and Anna Get It On

Anna Banana and I get down to some good old fashion girl girl fun in this video. Yummy kitty licking, deep in toy sticking and losta lotsa lube, mmm.... FALL 2007 SHOOT

Jenny Tortured Good

I invited Anna Banana over for some fun one night and this is what happened. She got me tipsy and took advantage of me. She tied me up and then molested my breasts. OMG it was HOT. I had no control as she playfully dominated me. FALL 2007 SHOOT

Jenny and Anna POV BJ

See me and Anna Banana take on some big white dick in this hot close up POV blowjob flick. We take turns deep throating the huge member until he blows on both of our faces. FALL 2007 SHOOT

Jenny Anna & Peter

Jenny and Anna Banana Get it on as Peter the camera man gets horny and then joins in on the fun. 21 minutes. Shot POV from Peter's Point of view. SUMMER 2008 SHOOT

Anna Todd and Jenny Hi Res

Jenny Todd and Anna get down and dirty on the orange couch. Filmed on Todd's Hi Res Camcorder this is a must have for any fan of BBW Jenny. From the summer 2008 shoot.

Jenny/Anna Behind the Scenes

Jenny and Anna's summer 2008 behind the scenes video. Taken on Jenny's Webcam see all the action and get a glimpse of the creative process as Jenny, Anna, Todd and Petet shoot 2 videos.

Ricky & Peter Double Dick Jenny

Jenny gets doule dicked by Ricky Dickie and Peter in this hot sticky video. See her greedily stuff both their hot dogs into her mouth and slurp and suck. Then see them as the give her face a hot surgary glazing. Winter 2009 Ricky Dickie series video #1

Jenny gets her kitty licked by Ricky

Jenny gets her hot lil box driven wld when Ricky Dickie stops by for some hot afternoon delight. Winter 2009 Ricky Dickie series video #2

Jenny and Ricky Fuckfest

Jenny is multi-orgasmic as she is fucked hard by Ricky's insatiable dicky. See them both as th suck and fuc for over 25 minutes straight and end with a fnal huge cumblast delivered to Jenny's big 40dd tits. Winter 2009 Ricky Dickie series video #3

Jenny turns Ricky into a Sissy Slut

Jenny gets Ricky into a hot pink pair of briefs and Dom's hin and emasculates him. Jenny has complete control of Ricky as he will do anything to get at her big 40dd tits. Winter 2009 Ricky Dickie series video #4

Jenny Sucks Her Master

It just started out like any solo video shoot that I do. My Master was filming me as I tied my tits and prepared to flog them and then my pussy. But soon after I got into flogging my pussy for the camera he went off, demanding that I service his hard thick cock. See him use me for the CUM SLUT that I am.

Jenny gets cummed on in the tub

Jenny wants it wet and messy in this video and begs and pleads with Peter to give her his cum. Watch as she figits and fingers herself while begging then sucks him off till he blows

Jenny in Flogging Fun

Jenny gets flogged with 4 different objects on her tits, pussy and tummy in this hot sexy bdsm video. See her as she is ll tied up taking all the abuse that the POV flogger can dish out to her.

Jenny's hot wet pussy

Jenny stands and masturbates as she is filmed close up. See her tits hanging like heavy ripe melons and also see her yummy hot box wide open. She folds back her lips to show us her pearl of clit. This is Jenny's pussy like you have never seen it before.

Jenny's feeding time

Jenny just can't get enough cum and in this video she shows and tells you exactly what she means. Whenever a man is about to cum they call out "feeding time" to let her know it is time for this greedy cum guzzler to be fed

Jenny Gets Double Stuffed Again

Jenny just can't get enough of stuffing her holes. She's back at it again this time ramming a ribbed glass buttplug in her back door and parking her love box onto a bouncy ball dildo combo toy...just follow the bouncing Jenny to hot cumming fun.

Jenny Paddles Her Titties

I have this cute fuzzy pink paddle I love to use on my tits. It may look cute, but it's padded black leather front side hurts like hell. In this video I give my tits a good spank. As a reward I get to have a good hot cum after.

Jenny's Fave Fuzzy Sweater

Jenny's feeling a lil chilly this winter so she is gonna keep on her fuzzy green sweater while she gives her pussy a deep penetrating dildo fuck.

Jenny Uses a Studded Belt

See me wail on my tits and pussy with a star studde belt. OMG it hurt so good. I was supposed to strap my tits for 4 minutes and then my pussy for 4 minutes. I just could not make it a full 8 minutes though. Did I do a good job still, you be the judge.

Jenny Masturbates

See me masturbate in this video with a good view of my pussy. First I strip out of my cute pink lil outfit and then get down to business. When I am done, like every good girl I clean my toys.

Jenny Double Stuffs Herself

See me fill both my holes in this hot double penetration video. First I take out my hot double D tities and lift then up and around with my nipple clamps.

Jenny's Penny Punishment

My Master set a $ quota for me to earn on niteflirt every single night.I was short by $124. See me as I am punished. I first flop out my huge tits and attach my nipple clamps. Then I attach a sock in between and slowly fill it with 1 penny for each dollar I was short. It hurt more with each and every penny that I put into the sock.

Jenny's Spankfest

Jenny uses a wide assortment of items gathered from around her apartment in this video to paddle and thrash her bum. This video is a must have for anyone with a pure fetish for spanking.. She even cries from all the relentless pain

Jenny strips

Jenny strips and dances to some fine club beats in this hot hot video. Sometimes all you really wanna see is a hot girl dance and Jenny delivers with a strip show with only a little bit of her signature kinky fuzzy pink paddle action.

Jenny fem dom and smoking

Jenny says "Get naked or in panites and be ready to deny your dick" as Jenny dishes it out that all men are inferior to her and to ALL women, all the while casually smoking a cigarette to remind you how IN CONTROL she is. BUY IT NOW PATHETIC WORMS

Jenny in Wax on Whack off

Watch Jenny get all HOT and BOTHERED in this 7 min and 24 sec sexy video where she drips Hot white wax onto her massive 42DDD rack and her yummy round belly. She then gets all bothered and needs to make herself cum :)

Jenny in Slappin Away

Jenny services Peter's cock in this POV style 8 min and 14 sec video, while he uses feet to spank and slap her massive 42DDD rack. See her bra ripped off by his feet and her slap and spank her breasts with her hands before continueing with the oral

Jenny in "Dildos from Heaven"

My camera man just started throwing colourful dildo shaped spoons at me. Well what is a lil slut to do, of course I played with them. I found a place to stuff every single bright dildo that he threw at me.

Jenny's Afternoon of Delights

My Master left me all of my favorite toys on the couch for me to play with. See me leashed and collared, see me spank my tits, kitty and bum with my fuzzy pink paddle and see me probe the depths of my hot lil pussy.

Jenny Sucks Peter He Moans

Jenny gets down and dirty taking care of business on Peter's cock. This video is full of lotsa slurping ball suckling, moans, groans and deep throating.

Sucking Jenny Degraded

I am verbally degraded in this video and made to MOO like a cow while I am sucking my Master's cock.

Jenny In The Mirror Darkly

Jenny gets abused by her Master Peter on a bright sunny afternoon. See her wince and cry as Peter spanks her ass and twists her tits as he feeds her his cock. Uniquely filmed in the wall mirror giving you am intimate glimpse into their sensual and pain filled worl.

Jenny's VIRGIN baby oil video

Jenny jumps in the tub to rub some baby oil all over her plump rump and plush flesh puppies in this hot VIRGIN baby oil video. See Jenny slick and shiny like never before.

Jenny's New Paddle

Jenny wants to show off her new wooden paddle, only trouble is no one is around to paddle her so she takes care of it herself. See Jenny paddle her 42DDD titties and her big round ass in this hot solo video.

Jenny's Earliest Shows

I started out on niteflirt doing my shows from the room I grew up in. See me being naughty. Masturbating and hurting my tits. All the now standard stuff you have come to expect of me, but done near the beginning of my career as a PORN PRINCESS.

Jenny In Whipped and Wet

See Jenny as she shoots whipped cream onto her tits for a tasty treat, licking it off of her big 42DDD Knockers, then see her as she strips and steps into the shower to get all the sticky off or herself.-BBW Jenny Starr C 2010

Jenny in a bubble bath

See sexy soapy Jenny pleasuring her pink. Jenny just loves a bubble bath and what better a place could there be than a generous heart shaped Jacuzzi tub. Watch her ho slippery body come to climax.

Jenny in Bikini & Dildos

Jenny took a moment to film a quick teasing little video of herself toying herself with a couple of her favorite dildos during her Bikini and Didlos photoshoot..

Jenny Hurts Her Tits

I made this hot lil teaser clip to show all of you guys what I do best. See me flop out my gigantic udders from my top and then go to work on them with my nipple clamps and fuzzy pink paddle.

Jenny and the 22 Pegs

My master made me put 22 clothespegs on my tits and then he made me get dressed again. First putting on my bra annd then after my tank top. See me as I mash my peg covered breasts and then see me flopp my big tits out and try to brush the pegs off while in frantic pain.

Jenny pins her tits

I wanted to find a hot way to keep my shirt open so I decided to use clothes pins. See me pin each side of my shirt to my titties in an OUCHY lil video.

Jenny and the Boston Creme

My master got me my favoite donut to eat. Only thing was that I had to eat it all off of his cock. See me as I eat an entire donut while I am degraded and called a FAT COW and a COW WHORE. Then see me start into a blow job on my Master's sugary rod.

Jenny on the Beach

I took off for a day of relaxing at a local secluded beach where I could enloy being topless. My Master and I took this short lil playful vid while we were there. Watch me bound down the big rocky path and then walk down the stream into the lake where I frolic.

Jenny in the snow

Jenny goes out to frolic in the local park on 2 differnet cold sonowy days. Watch her as she shows of her erect nipples and frigid fun box. 4 videos running 4min 26 seconds

Jenny's intro to her slaves

Jenny says "Buy this fucking video worms!!!" She apologizes to all REAL MEN in advance for posting this video here, but this is a video for all the slaves and sissy sluts out there to watch and see what awaits them. You know who you are, don't deny it if you aren't a real man then you have no excuse for not buying this video.

Rubber Glove Jenny

See me put down this one guy for his freaky fetish for rubber gloves. OMG his fetish is just so weird. I still give in though, I am a people pleaser after all and I give him a little sexy show with some hot dildo penetrating action. Editted audio to protect his identity, but not without losing the its edge, this is a custom video you have to own.

Jenny Ignores then Mocks You

Jenny comes home sorts her mail and takes a phone call from friends as if you were not even there. Then just as she is about to change she mocks you by covering her cam with a hat as she changes. She then further mocks you by showing you a little of what you'll be missing.then makes you listen only as she pleases herself

Jenny Gets Spied On

Jenny gets a visit from the local perv in this video. See him as he films one of Jenny's shows thru her screen windows. Litte doesshe know he is filming her deep throating her didlo and then plunging it deep in her pussy till she cums.

Jenny's Spy Returns

Jenny gets spied on again. Just as she is getting started on a show the Dirty Perv shows up again to take advantage of her sexual display. This time his camera catches her as she tightly ties her tits and abuses them.

Jenny's Breasts Handled Rough

Jenny gets her tits mauled by an unseen assailant in bright yellow rubber gloves, whose sticky grip adds extra pain and pleasure to every slap and pinch